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Today I wore one of my all time favorite tops, an olive green halter adorned with a Lotus flower in bloom. As soon as I got dressed I knew today’s Alien Aesthetic would be dedicated to the symbolism of the Lotus flower.

The symbolism of the Lotus flower is quite potent because of the story of its rise into bloom. The Lotus flower begins its story deep within the mud and has to wind its way from the mud and up through water until it finally reaches the surface and can taste it’s first breath of air.

Many of us on this Earth can relate to the journey of the Lotus because there are few on this planet who haven’t had to push through times of darkness in hopes of reaching the sun filled days.

The Lotus carries the powerful message that after darkness the light must follow. It carries the message that through darkness and heavy circumstances the most beautiful beings are able to one day come into bloom.

For anyone struggling with the uncertainties of the future, today allow the Lotus Flower to remind you what beauty lies ahead of you so long as you keep moving forward.


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