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On September 3rd I made my very first Alien Aesthetic post which was entitled “Jungle Lady.” Even though it wasn’t really that long ago it’s such a trip to look back on and see how far I’ve come creatively with this blog. When I got dressed this morning I knew I wanted to create something animalistic featuring the Leopard. I especially wanted to honor this majestic creature because sometime last week I did cheetah energy and I wanted to highlight the distinct energetic differences between two animals that are so often confused with one another. These two creatures bring one of my favorite sayings to mind that “there is a difference between oneness and sameness” I see oneness within the two creatures as they both carry big cat energy as well as sharing roles as queens of the wild. Both of their coats are famous for evoking an air of sensuality. Because of this I decided I wanted to also incorporate mirrors in remembrance of the fact we all carry reflections of one another within our being. It doesn’t mean we are exact or a copy, but there will always be a similarity to discover. However, just as no two humans are the same no two creatures in the animal kingdom will ever be exactly the same. So, this edition of Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to the mighty Leopard as well as my mighty, ever evolving creativity. Below is the original and only photo featured in the first “Jungle Lady”

In this moment I feel so proud of my persistence and dedication with this blog. I hope you’re enjoying the evolution as much as I am, keep scrolling to see the ascension to Jungle Lady II

Today’s Featured Alien is Jessie, on Instagram as @jessieaprte. I first met Jessie at an event where she was vending her artwork. First I was blown away by the creativity in front of me, her artwork carried powerful messages of self love and worth that were bathed in the softness of her personal expression. You can find Jessie’s beautiful artwork @crystle.arts. Next I was struck by the sincerity and sweetness that poured from her. Jessie has a timeless beauty about her that at once makes her seem like a classic movie star as well as a vision of futuristic grace. In Jessie’s own words,”

I believe fashion should compliment you, your body, be comfortable, and express who you are.

I absolutely love clothes that have a vintage aesthetic, whether it’s 20s-80s. My personality is so bubbly and outgoing and bold, my style i like to keep it simple yet classy? I think my hair expresses my personality more. always changing, loud, playful, youthful.”


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