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On Kismet Island reality is a concept long dead, the remnants remain an illusionary construct in a book laid upon forgotten shelves. Fantasy reigns.

Wearing this tropical dress that features the phrase “the gem of the Caribbean” all day long I felt inspired by the idea of Oasis and pushed myself to imagine what a place of true, endless peace would look like to me. My mind wandered to the short film “Guava Island” by Donald Glover and the beauty found in an island entirely of his creation. I decided to create a sequence dedicated to the Island of my dreams, an Oasis of freedom where Rebel Hearts and Old Souls journey to deepen their own journey.

On Kismet island blood ties are forgotten, water flows freely nourishing every soul with the nectars of True Love’s embrace
On Kismet Island freedom cascades in a torrent, wild abandon is recognized as a force worth getting lost in
The colors of ones soul are recognized and honored by a village of loving reflections, In the eyes of every inhabitant are traces of divine connection.
Judgements lay abandoned in a heap too steep to ever climb back into the line of sight. When one voice rises in truth a hundred pairs of ears turn to listen. A willingness to hold is what we bestow on every being carrying a heart of the bold.
Revolution through resolution is a constant state of mind, peace is the only tie that binds, creativity unfolds from a cosmic meeting of the minds.
An oasis for free thinkers, heaven on Earth for dreamers, a place for the unfoldment of Destiny, woven by your own fingers.

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