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This Jumpsuit was gifted to me by one of my Sister Psychics at Kindred Spirits. At first the way the purple patterning one the jumpsuit faded out into black netting reminded me of peacock plumage, but the longer I wore it, it become reminiscent of stocks of lavender. I become immediately inspired to title this edition of Alien Aesthetic “Love is in the Earth” and make it a dedication to the power of Natural remedies. Whether we are seeking emotional or physical comfort there is almost always a herb that can be found that will offer soothing. I believe in many ways because of modern medicine and especially due to the pharmaceutical industry we have lost our sacred connections to the Earth and it’s healing powers. The Ancient’s knew that everything one could possibly need for survival could be found within the Earth. So many sicknesses, both physical and mental come from the poisons hidden within genetically modified food and “medicines.” For anybody reading this today if there is anything weighing on your heart, your mind or your physical body I invite you to connect to your roots and investigate deeper into how the Earth can offer you rejuvenation and sustenance.

Today’s Featured Alien is Lucy, on Instagram as @lucyforrdd. Lucy is an ethereal beauty who has the gift of looking angelic effortlessly. There’s something in the energy of those who love music passionately. Regardless of style or genre you can simply feel when someone is able to find home amongst musical rhythms. To me this reads as someone who truly understands the depths of love and the human experience as a whole. I also think music is one of the greatest ways to share the stories of our soul, so naturally music lovers are the most soulful individuals.

In Lucy’s own words,”I express my need for comfort and security through my style. Which is simple and versatile. I really just love body modification, that’s the way I like to mainly express myself. I don’t mind looking different everyday depending on my mood.”


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