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Last week this owl faced Nazar arrived at Kindred Spirits and I knew immediately that it was meant to be one of my personal talismans, so I turned it into a necklace adorned with blue beading. The Nazar also known as the evil eye has been a talisman for protection for thousands of years & has been used in many countries. It is recognized in countless spiritual groups as a universal symbol that wards off jealousy and other low vibrational energies thrown your way. When unwanted eyes are upon you the Nazar gazes back. In my personal world my lessons about psychic attack and low vibrational energy have been deepening with the realization that not every “friend” is truly a friend and not every individual you offer love to has the capacity to reciprocate it. Though there have been moments where I’ve found releasing connections that have outgrown resonance difficult I also feel my connection to my soul and its purpose deepening with every step forward. While it is important to stand in empathy, compassion and unconditional love it does not mean staying in places that do not honor your soul. Unconditional love means honoring yourself enough to say when enough is enough. You can be an individual with the purest of intentions and love that overflows from your heart, that does not mean that everyone will like or respect you. Nor are they required to. Even in the face of adversity and down right dislike it is crucial to remain a vessel of transparency and love. This is the message that Spirit has been delivering to me time and again lately. My Nazar Owl reminds to be observant and aware of the connections around me and also of the divine protection that surrounds me at all times.

This is another edition of Alien Aesthetic that I’m choosing to leave caption-less. I feel the Nazar speaks volumes all on its own.


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