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This soft Pineapple printed dress was given to me by one of my sweetest friends recently. Though initially I didn’t see it as an item I would pick out for myself after trying it on (and admittedly intentionally ripping it a bit) I fell in love with it. I felt a light happiness all day that I believe is in connection to the vitalizing energy of the color yellow. The cute simple pineapple design I realized also appealed to my inner child as every time I caught my reflection it brought a smile to my face. When pondering my mood for this Alien Aesthetic I also felt my inner child taking the reigns here. She kept saying I should just make it fun and about Pineapples. Initially I was resistant to my inner voice thinking that Pineapples weren’t substantial of a topic enough to dedicate a whole blog entry to. I wanted to write something with meaning and that held soul resonance for me. Still, my inner child protested that we just do pineapples. I made myself laugh imagining doing a post about the movie “Pineapple Express” then finally I came to the realization that I was putting too much pressure on my creative expression if I was unwilling to create if I didn’t perceive the outcome was profound in some way. Artistic expression is still artistic expression whether or not there are layers of symbolic meaning. As a being who puts a lot of focus into my messages of love that I want to share with the world this was a refreshing reminder to myself. Sometimes it’s okay to create without purpose. Sometimes it’s okay to create something simply to to honor the silliness of your inner child. So, this episode of Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to my inner child and the brilliant light she has forever held within, even in moments she didn’t know it was there. In the end I feel that this post found meaning after all. This photo sequence is about nothing... and everything.

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