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This morning I woke up feeling incredibly free and comfortable in my skin. I felt gratitude pouring from my heart and soul for the freedom I get to experience in this life. I know with certainty that this sense of freedom is directly connected to my spirituality. Truly forming my own unique relationship with the divine has been liberating beyond measure. I felt inspired today to create a post featuring images/ reflections that represent my spirituality and are a very real part of my reality, but to many others in this world they may be deemed to lack substance and even considered “make believe.” To anyone reading this today I want this edition of Alien Aesthetic to be a sacred reminder of the power of spiritual freedom. If to you it feels real, if it speaks to your soul and you see/ feel the evidence around you then it is real. Even if not a single soul believes in it but you it remains true. This is the gift of spiritual choice given to us as reflections of an infinite source of creation. Truly, we are the masters of our own realities. I’ll leave it at this, even if the world around you dismisses you for your beliefs take a moment and ask yourself, “Do my beliefs make me happy? Do they make me feel fulfilled? Do I feel like I have a greater sense of purpose because of them?” If you answer yes to any/ all of these questions keep rockin on.

Today’s Featured Alien is Marisa, @gypsyygoddess on Instagram. Once upon a time I had the pleasure of working with Marisa and to this day she remains one of the most vibrant individuals I know. No matter what the circumstance, every time I remember a time in her presence she was smiling, radiating the utmost positive energy and almost always talking about music. When I think of her music & dance are the first things that come to mind. I’ve gotten to share a dance floor with her on a couple of occasions and am very much looking forward to grooving again. In truth I believe deeply that an individual who knows how to get down on the dance floor understands the power of expression. In Marisa’s own words,”

My expression through my clothing goes a lot with how I want my life to be, simple.

A lot of how I dress depends on each day but with each day, comes a new expression of how I’m feeling.

I can’t classify my style as one just because it varies day to day. This gives me the ability to change, adapt and learn what I like the best. Favorite outfit, t-shirt and jeans/shorts! best described as funky/simplicity”


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