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Today I’m wearing a black sweatshirt that has long been a frequent flyer in my wardrobe for one particular reason, it is embellished with one single word across its front... Real. For me this is a powerful statement, one of most important reminders on my personal journey. That reminder is that above being liked, above being understood or accepted I must simply be my realest, most authentic self. I am a firm believer that authenticity paves the way for divine splendor and personal fulfillment. Assimilation is a sure fire way to drown in disappointment. Another mental link this sweatshirt creates for me is to the song Real by Kendrick Lamar, one of my all time favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. This song always reminds me of my power place found in realness. It reminds me that to be myself is to be a powerhouse, a Goddess and Creator of cosmic proportions. I absolutely love the lyrics “look in the mirror & know I’m there.” It reminds me of the importance of looking past the physical self and looking straight into the depths of the soul found within ones eyes. Naturally, today’s Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to being real af.

I put myself first, learned to quench my own thirst and that’s why when their bubbles of envy rise to the surface I just smile as they burst
Ancient wisdom bestowed upon a timeless heart, a Living Goddess sent to Earth to play her part
Whether you love me, despise me or experience complete indifference to my existence, I rise in divine style
Judgment is a human limitation. Fear is a human constraint. Limitation itself is a human trap of the mind. Wake up and instead be divine
They say beauty is only skin deep, I say beneath that seven layers is where the essence of beauty truly reveals itself
“A queen will always turn pain into power, you are the fairest of them all”
“I do what I wanna do, I say what I wanna say when I feel, and I look in the mirror and know I'm there, with my hands in the air, I'm proud to say yeah I'm real, I'm real, I'm really, really, real” Real - Kendrick Lamar


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