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Afrodite rose from the sea of cursed generations a Goddess reborn

After getting dressed this morning my partner asked me what my mood was for the day, the first thing to fall from my lips was that I was a Renaissance Vixen. I love mixing corset style tops with draping and flowing fabric. For me this look always takes me away to a far away time. I enjoy infusing my imagination with my fashion sense to create aesthetics that for me blur time, the last great illusion. Today’s Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to the very first thought I had when my lover inquired about my mood & the timeless beauty of one of the most remembered and beloved eras.

Being in the company of the Feminine Divine is like drinking deeply from the nectars of life straight from the source
bursting through ceilings without a second thought, to everything prescribing meaning, filtered through the voices of God
Moonflower in full bloom, watered by the all encompassing eye of truth
Beyond the veil lies glimmers of worlds beyond our wildest imaginations. Peel back the curtain and prepare for your divine initiation
The swan is representative of transformation through self discovery, dive head first into your story and watch how quickly chaos blooms into harmony.
Over the threshold into a reality entirely my own, you call it fantasy, I call it a welcome home.


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