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My favorite thing about this look was the way these burgundy bell bottoms gave me a blast from the past. They had me envisioning myself roaming through a world that still held its traces of simplicity. Imagining myself boogying my way through electric discos & lounging around old record stores hoping to discover the most outrageous new tracks. Though the world I was envisioning is still one we’d consider modern I imagine it being a time with much more authentic freedom. Without the pressures of social media I imagine there was much more room for expressive beings to be themselves without falling into the trap of comparison. I imagine how electrifying it must have been to be out dancing with your friends in a time where every track wasn’t available for immediate

download in the palm of your hand. I imagine we’d

truly cherish the time spent in the company of those that we love, since without cell phones there was no bizarre need to have constant access to each other.

Although technological advances have brought us freedom in many ways I cannot deny my longing for a world that wasn’t ruled by hand held computers. I long for a world where we lift our gaze and look each other in the eyes again. I long for the days we’d have to agree to meet at sunset and be flexible in the hopes that we show up around the same time, rather than living in a world where if you don’t respond to someone’s messages promptly you are categorized as neglectful or inconsiderate. Overall I long for the freedom we once had and blindly took for granted. Truly I so believe the freedom we stand in today is illusionary as most individuals find it hard to go even a full day without their cell phone. Let’s make presence known again. Let’s put our devices down and discover the world around us. Let’s discover how to truly connect again. Let’s live again.

When the day burns away and the night takes its place you know exactly where to find me, the place where the light of the moon is replaced by electric groove. Follow my rhythms, I’m here to show you how to move.

Let’s go for a drive, no destination in mind I just hope to find a space to unwind in the space between your eyes. Traveling through your mind, we both seem to have lost the time as our fingers brush and find themselves entwined.

Where do the wild things go when the city lights have replaced the ocean’s glow? They roam through the night, hidden in plain sight until veils fall and stander-by are blinded by their light.

I’ll make you a mixtape of all my favorite songs and that’s how you’ll know it’s been you with the key to my heart all along. I’ll dance with you all night to my favorite jams and that’s how you know this love is yours to command.

Music sounds better with you and I must admit the silver screen is suddenly riveting too. In every story I see reflections of our love, every actress in search of the bliss we carry in each shared kiss.


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