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This glittering gown found its way into my wardrobe just in time to debut on my 26th birthday and it instantly became a favorite in my collection. Anything that sparkles in the sun is usually quick to become one of my favorites. This dress in particular comes with the added flair of making you feel absolutely regal as if you are ready to float onto the dance floor of a Venusian ballroom.

While in this dress I also feel like a floating mirror which leads me to adore it even more. I’ve always had a love for mirrors. Not so much in their physicality but in what they represent. In many cultures all over the world mirrors are associated with different sun goddesses. Although each of these goddesses will have her own set of unique characteristics and powers there are a few things that link them: beauty, creativity, solar power, truth and justice. These are all virtues which I hold dear to my heart. Beauty is as virtuous as all the other virtues listed but it isn’t often seen as such. There is the dangerous belief that the appreciation of ones beauty is vanity. The appreciation of one’s self is only vanity if that appreciation leads them to thinking less of others. One of my favorite sayings is “perception is a reflection.” It is one of my favorites because it truly applies in so many areas of life. The way we perceive ourself and others is a reflection of our true character, as well as the way we perceive our circumstances and the world around us.

Another quality of this gown that truly brings me joy is the way that it makes me feel like a Faerie Queen just wandering her way through this human world. Allowing my imagination to take me to this place brings an additional dose of magic into my day. I often find myself imagining how beautiful it would be if everyday everyone dressed exactly as magical as they wanted to feel... without reservations or second thoughts about what others would think of their appearance. I imagine it would be the ultimate freedom of expression, the need for conformity slowly dying out as individual magic becomes more and more widely celebrated.

Imagine on your average Tuesday seeing faeries, angels, mermaids, goddesses and all sorts of other mythical beings just floating around enjoying life in freedom. What a dream I’d like to live.

“Mirror mirror” I asked, “who is the fairest of them all?” In response it said, “you beauty you see in me is reflected in all that you meet, the moment you cease to see the moment I cease to be”

Even in fragments an ethereal soul is reflected with the divinity of universal love

I’d love to take you to away to my realms of wonder. There’s so many discoveries I’d like you to uncover, from the flower fields between my eyes to the waterfalls between my thighs.

Royalty isn’t defined by blood, it’s by the richness of the soul, the majesty of the spirit.

Have you ever ventured into the wild unknown? Been carried away by the strange winds of your imagination. Leave your inhibitions behind with your tangle of thoughts and let’s dive headfirst into an abyss of bliss

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