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Velvet will forever be one of my favorite textures. I feel it has the power of adding sensuality and appeal to any look. The way it feels against my skin alone makes me feel both soft & angelic as well as bold & empowered in my sex appeal. In this red velvet I found myself inspired by the Vampire, in particular the Vampire Vixen. Since I am an individual made of opposites I decided I wanted to create a photo sequence that features the energy of the seductress of the night as well as the softness contained in a love story.

Today’s Featured Alien is Carlos, on Instagram as @bonitocarlitos. Carlos is a fiery individual who carries within a heart overflowing with love. Carlos is a ray of positivity. I am one of many individuals who has been impacted by his radiant soul. His vibrancy definitely shows in his style. He is colorful, fluid and constantly evolving. He is also highly creative and has put together some truly one of a kind festival adornments. On and of the dance floor Carlos is a magnetic force, an “Epicenter” of love who I am grateful to have in my world. In Carlos’ own words, “What expression through style means to me is being able to translate your being through what you wear, and how you wear it. It means being free to like what you like. To being your true authentic self through. My style is fluid.”

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