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Even though this sheer floor length dress was printed in delicate daisies something about it made me feel instantly sexy from the moment I put it on. I chose to pair it with a bra and pair of shorts. The combination made me feel so free and confident in my skin my sensual nature couldn’t help but be amplified. I was in the type of mood where nothing sounded better than an erotic evening in the arms of my lover.

While my sexuality has always been vibrant in expression and a vital part of my nature I have found myself increasing in sexual appetite and fluidity the deeper I sink into my spirituality. Divine love has truly opened my eyes to the wonders of erotic love and the magic that can be unlocked when you share your physical and spirit body with another from a place of true intimacy.

Still we live in a world where the expression of sexuality is often demonized, specifically in women. I have reached a point in my life where erotic love and sexuality bring me such freedom I would love to see nothing more than these societal bonds broken and the unfoldment of a new era of wild love. The time to reclaim our sexual power has long been upon us. It’s time to talk proudly about our fantasies and wildest cravings. It’s time to talk about our most favorite pleasures. It’s time to talk about the things we love and loathe behind closed doors. In fact in time to fling the doors open wide and allow the world to behold us in our divinely inspired erotic joy. Let’s bring our ecstasy out of the shadows and orgasm cosmically. Let’s use our sacred sexual energy to manifest the lives of our dreams. Let the sounds of your pleasure reach the heavens and know that the divine smiles.

Join me beneath the sheets and I’ll introduce you to the astral realms. let’s blur the lines between you and I, find the sea of tranquility and take a dive.

Lotus flower kisses between my thighs, you’ve got a look like wild honey in your eyes. Soul shivers escape down my spine, somewhere between reality and fantasy I’ve lost the time.

Wild abandon. You’ve sent waves up my spine now I’m barely standin. Another taste before you go? I know you like it when my hips move slow. They’re spelling your name in a serpentine rhythm, your hypnotized again with a flick of my tongue.


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