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What I loved most about this look was the combination of my soft shimmery dress and old torn leather vest which clashed beautifully with a blend of masculinity and femininity. I am a woman who is both deeply sensitive and feminine but also powerful in my masculine energy as well. Growing up as a girl with masculine traits made me feel uncomfortable and as if I wasn’t “lady like” enough. Now that I have been blessed with the understanding that it is the balance of both energies where I feel the most myself, the most beautiful, I want to share this knowledge as far and as wide as I can.

Finding this eternal balance within ourselves brings peace to all aspects of our lives, quite literally. By knowing when you are in your feminine energy vs when you are in your masculine energy you can better determine when and where to focus your attention. The moments we are in our feminine energy are best used for creative expression, sensual expression, stillness, honing our patience and practicing the art of surrender. The moments we are in are masculine energy are best used for speaking our truths, stepping out of our comfort zones, decision making and above all stepping into the required action to reach our goals.

Finding your internal balance also sets you up for harmonious romantic partnership as well as relationships as a whole. If you are not in balance

what tends to happen is you attract partners who reflect your imbalances in someway. The more you become one with yourself the more you attract partners who mirror this quality until you simply find yourself with the individual or individuals who feel like home.

Finding balance is simply about finding out who you are and finding which ways to honor all of what you find. To discover your natural energetic rhythms you must simply tune in and pay attention to yourself, your moods. Our soul tends to be quite honest with us when it comes to our moods, the difficulty lies with listening. Slow down enough to hear your internal voice. It will tell you whether it is time for patience and internal manifestation or if it is a time for action and deliberate intention. Accountability is key here. It is all too easy to brush certain things under the rug especially if it will require change of us. It is so important to embrace change, especially if this change can lead you to living a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

The gender roles that we live with in our society in truth place every single one of us in a box. By fully understanding that we are all made up of the same energetic components, just expressed differently we could living in freedom without the pressures of living up to our gender roles. For example, My partner should not feel obligated to pay for every meal or outing because he presents as masculine nor should I be expected to be a vision of modesty and chastity because I present as feminine. We are all masculine. We are all feminine. Women deserve to be as assertive and dominating as they please and men deserve to shed as many tears as they feel without being written off as a freak of nature. Every individual in between who doesn’t associate with either gender label deserves the freedom to simply exist without being put into a black or white box. By realizing this we can drop the veils of separation and simply be ourselves with one another.

To live in a more balanced, harmonious world it starts with all of us individually. We are connected eternally so don’t underestimate the impact you can make simply by finding your own harmonious center.

I am both the whisper of the gentlest breeze & the raging of hurricane winds.

I found harmony within my own chest, true love beating in my own heart. That’s how I met the love outside of myself, that was destined from the start.

My tears are electric, each time striking me with their power. The depths of the ocean in a single drop and you dare categorize them as weak?

Today’s Featured Alien is Jem! aka @eternalJem and @Crystalsartlove on Instagram. Jem’s creativity is absolutely breathtaking. Their jewelry designs are truly nothing like anything I’ve seen anywhere else. Ive always thought the beautiful thing about wrap artistry is that no two artists are alike, but when I first saw Jem’s work it truly was as if her creations were from another world. The detail is simply extraordinary. If you are looking for a new jewelry talisman or piece for your alter I recommend immediately checking out their work. You won’t be disappointed, expect to be amazed by their intricacy and the love you can feel radiating from each piece.


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