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After getting dressed today I felt vibrant beyond words, no surprises why as yellow is the color of exuberant confidence. Yellow is the color of our Solar Plexus which is the seat of personal confidence and vitality. I felt especially powerful pairing it with black. To me it was the perfect combo, vitalizing yellow with Goddess embodied black. Growing up I struggled severely with depression and self loathing, in truth I didn’t see myself alive after my high school years. My healing journey has defined my life and filled it with more abundance and beauty than I can ever describe. Because of this I make absolutely no apologies for my confidence. I make no apologies for putting myself on display. Above all I make no apologies for loving myself above anything else because I know the way the depths of self hatred can sear your skin. For the individuals I encounter who believe I am full of myself, my response is this, I am full of myself. Full to the brim with divine love and self worth. The most beautiful thing about finding true love within myself is that I see reflections of divine love and worth everywhere I turn, within all that I meet. Never let anyone shame you into believing the celebration of self is vanity. In recent times Yoruba Goddess Oshun as been making her way into playing a pivotal role in my world. She is the embodiment of beauty, both internally and externally. Yellow and gold just so happen to be her sacred colors and to many she is known as the Bee Goddess. So, this edition of Alien Aesthetic is in part in honor of her and in part in honor of the self love and celebration I grow in every single day.

Today’s Featured Alien is Jazz, on Instagram @jazzyloomoo. Jazz is a true sweetheart who lives selflessly in service to and in connection with the Divine. It is so refreshing to come across individuals who radiate the purest of intentions and Jazz is truly one of those souls. Both her style and energy are youthful, exuberant and free flowing with her radiant personality. In Jazz’s own words,”Expression threw fashion has always been important to me because although my core being will always be love and my purpose on earth is to seek out all forms of love. I find myself always shifting faces and styles depending on my season and where my spirit is searching for love. I find a piece of me in those places and I exhibit it in my style”


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