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When I put this look together I was in a relaxed mood and I simply wanted something that reflected that.

I don’t own very many t & graphic shirts so my Harry Potter - Hogwarts shirt caught my eye immediately as I browsed my wardrobe. From there I realized instantly that this Alien Aesthetic was supposed to be dedicated to the Harry Potter series which in truth has been fundamental to my personal development in this lifetime. I became a believer in magick, friendship and the infinite magic of love more than a decade before I found my spiritual calling. I believe wholeheartedly I am a Love Witch partially do to the fact I spent the entirety of my childhood and adolescence immersed in a world of creative wonder. I was in 2nd or 3rd grade when I first discovered the series and it become a constant companion throughout my development. As a young soul who felt like an outsider in my world Harry Potter helped me uncover that it is often the outsider who was born for greatness. There are so many layers of divine truth within the Harry Potter series that I cannot recommend enough that you should read it in its entirety (if you haven’t already) There is simply too much detail to be conveyed on the silver screen.

Another aspect of the Harry Potter series that brings me great joy is that is a golden example of the The Hero’s Journey, which is an archetypal outline found in classic mythology as well as modern epics like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. The Hero’s Journey takes you through all stages of a hero’s rise to power, the good, the bad, the ugly and the magnificent are all included in the journey. Realizing that we are the hero of our own hero’s journey can allow us to power through moments of uncertainty and fear because we’ll simply know it’s apart of the divine journey and in due time peace will be restored.

As a writer myself I find JK Rowling’s story inspiring beyond belief. She began writing the series as a 25 year old single mom struggling to get by. She was just jotting down outlines for a story in a coffee shop that would literally become a global sensation, impacting millions of people. The most powerful message of her story is one of resilience and an unwillingness to give up on her visions. The first book in the series was rejected more than a dozen times before a publisher picked it up. Now just imagine for a moment that JK decided to scrap the story after the first rejection. Imagine that she had allowed that rejection to impact her self esteem to the point she stopped writing. Millions of people would not have the beacon of hope that she and her story have become.

So, for anybody reading this today. Whatever you do, make sure you follow your dreams above all else. Never give up. Trust that your story, your vision, your creativity is yours for a reason! A gift meant to be shared with this Earth. Do not take your potential lightly! It truly is infinite.

Yer a Wizard, Kismet

Kismet Electra & the Chamber of Secrets

“I’d get sleazy for Ron Weasley” was something I found myself saying frequently as a teenager haha.

The chosen one is chosen once more.

The Phoenix rises again, the eternal flame of a heroic truth

Dark days are upon us, but the sun will rise as we rise into our power.

There is one force unconquerable by all. Love. Love is the essence of magick itself, the essence of life, the reason for it all.

Today’s Featured Alien is Lauren! On Instagram as @Lolo_beezy. Lauren describes herself as “Helping women convert BS to Sex Appeal, Power, and Fulfillment!” Lauren is truly one of the most phenomenal beings I have had my path cross with.

She is a daughter of Jupiter with a personality so vibrant that it adds color to whatever she is wearing and whatever room she is walking into.

Lauren is a Reiki Master and Holistic Health Coach who I would recommend to anyone. I have had the pleasure of seeing Lauren tap into powerful gifts that I truly believe can bring so much love and vibrancy to the lives of anyone she works with.

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