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I suspect that this sequined cowgirl dress was originally intended as a Halloween costume but the moment I discovered it I knew I wanted it to be part of my everyday wear. It became an instant favorite. I dig the cowgirl look but the multicolored sequins give it a celestial vibe that I really love. “Space Cowgirl Rides Again” immediately dropped into my head as I got dressed and took in my appearance. The phrase got me thinking of the importance of exploration. There is so much to discover in this world both internally and externally. Though I am not lost, the more I grow into myself the more I realize what a wanderer I am. I find myself constantly hungry for new knowledge and new experiences. My cravings expand in variety as I expand in my knowledge of self. In truth I do believe this is one of the main purposes we incarnate into this lifetime, to seek, grow, explore and wander endlessly. Anytime an individual falls into the belief they have learned everything there is to learn or seen all that there is to see the truth of the matter is that they have simply slipped into stagnancy. Within our own beings there is so much to discover, we are truly oceanic. It takes more than a single lifetime to know the complete depths of ones own soul. Similarly the Earth we live on is so full of majesty that even though the ego may tell us we’ve seen it all new magic is being birthed onto the planet everyday and ancient magic lies in wait for those curious enough to uncover it. I consider myself a seeker of truth. Though I know a finite mind cannot fathom all the intricacies of the universe I know that the more I seek the more truth rests in my heart. From that space my world is colored with experiences that become more and more vibrant and reflective of my willingness to go deeper. Today, I invite whoever finds themselves readings this to go on a journey. Whether this in an internal journey or an external journey is entirely your prerogative. Just know that your intention to uncover & learn new things will lead you exactly to your divine destination.

Deeper than the Sea, this soul is a true reflection of the cosmic forces bigger than me.

The truth of my voice was sung long before I entered this lifetime, sacred rhymes of the divine have flown from these lips since the beginning of time.

Life is both black and white, look closely between the stripes and you’ll see technicolor whirls of hope, magic dancing in love that is kaleidoscope.

Destiny sings its song straight into my ear, though sometimes the words are unclear I know as I wander into the unknown there is nothing to fear, other than the foreboding sense of impending bliss.

Today’s Alien Feature is Fabian! Known as @Elbrujo333 on Instagram! In his words “My style is something that’s been a natural born essence that’s been very important to me and hold real close to my heart, attention to detail is my thing, we do nothing without intention over here!” I was struck by multiple things upon first becoming acquainted with this rebel beauty as he truly is a striking individual. His style one of the most expressive that I know. My favorite aspect would have to be his willingness to bare all and show the beauty of his temple with pride. He has a truly wicked balance of darkness and light that reads through truly beautifully with his choice of adornments. Aside from his vibrant style he is also deeply connected to the divine and an expert in astrology. I would recommend anyone who loves the balance of knowledge and humor to connect with this soul. He is also an electrifying DJ who puts true intention into his mixes. You can find links to his projects on Instagram!


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