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I was gifted this blood orange dress recently by one of my sweetest friends. Though I thought it was lovely it didn’t quite fit my body type. In a moment of inspiration I turned the dress around so that it was backwards and then gave it a few rips to make it a halter top. I suddenly found myself loving the piece. I found myself thinking about how we are instructed how to wear things. From childhood we are told what matches and what doesn’t, what to wear during what season and what is out of style. I have never been a fan of being told what to do in any sense, including fashion. My first cd growing up was by a group called Kris Kross. One of the stand out things to me about the group is the way they would wear their jeans and outer apparel backwards. I thought it was so funky as a child. Looking back on it I wonder if part of my rebellious attitude when it comes to fashion is because of that album. I decided that I wanted this Alien Aesthetic to include things that were out of place yet striking and beautiful, much like I consider myself and my fashion sense. So, this edition of Alien Aesthetic is a dedication strange beauty and soft rebellion.


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