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With this look I found myself feeling very soft and feminine. These leggings have the beautiful effect of making me feel like an ethereal being. Their luminous shine and glow when they catch the sun make me feel like a walking disco ball in the grooviest of ways. I have had a weakness for glitter and sparkles for as long as I can remember. The louder my outfit and accessories are the happier and more at home I feel. With this Alien Aesthetic I decided to keep it my definition of simple and create a photo sequence around glitz and shine. Simply because it makes me feel like I’m glowing & in truth I’m feeling so much happiness in my world right now I just wanna celebrate the glow.

In the same breath I am both an ethereal vision of grace and the heat of blazing solar light.

African Queen rising from the Sea of Destiny. A love language that will leave you mesmerized, if you don’t want to find yourself lost in a trance I suggest you close your eyes.

The future is mine, the future is yours, together we walk hand in hand manifesting pathways, portals and doors.

Once I noticed my reflection held the wings of grace. That same day I took flight and burned with light like the blaze of the Sun’s rays.

My Phoenix tears dazzle you with their shine. Fall in love with the light of their glow but remember they’re formed in the darkness of night.

The Unixorn’s Queen was an Alien being with a beauty unlike this planet has every seen. Baby, it’s soul deep.

I wanna move to your electric groove if you can vibe to my celestial light. You and I, baby, let’s own the night.

Burning with imagination and a heart full of vision. I’m busy manifesting my own reality, but you’re welcome to a front row seat.

A technicolor rose in full bloom. If you think her beauty is dangerous wait until you see her thorns.


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