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I must admit that I am not normally drawn to more simplistic styles and aesthetics, preferring looks that are more eye catching. However, when I stumbled into this “Start Making Sense” t shirt at the goodwill I was instantly smitten. I knew it wanted to be dressed down with a pair of ripped jeans & boots. Admittedly to my surprise I found myself feeling just as vibrant in my t shirt & jeans as I normally would in one of my proffered outfits.

The phrase “start making sense” felt instantly resonate and had my brain firing off in multiple different directions. The most lingering line of thought unfolded as the realization of just how important it is to stand in a place of total transparency if you want to be understood by the world around you. To me “start making sense” is an invitation to speak plainly about whatever it is that one carries within their heart and mind without fear of how it is going to be received and perceived.

Often the reason our thoughts and feelings wind up lost in translation with those whom we want to share them with is because there is a tendency to minimize what we’re carrying out of fear of rejection or lack of receptivity. So, as we begin to water down our internalized truths they lose substance and relatability. Standing in authenticity with a willingness to defend whatever you’re feeling sets you up to be understood plainly. If we wish to truly be understood by others we must first own that which we wish to be understood.

This look put me in remembrance of my love of language. Although English is my only spoken language I have a natural love for uncovering the vibrant meanings of words that aren’t natural to the English language or have lost their popularity over time. Each word in existence carries its very own unique magical vibration. Defining a new word is like learning a new bit of magic which you can later apply to your spell weaving. Aside from allowing you to manifest powerfully the weaving of words can truly be one of the most sensual experiences. This is why poetry and music have the power to literally transport the listener to another world, one that bridges reality with fantasy and invites love into every space in between.


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