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let’s explore gothic castles where the only thing older than the ghosts are legends of breathless love and unrequited desire

What secrets lie in the enchanted forests? The trees whisper amongst themselves, leaves cascade to the floor of your consciousness. The enchantress will grant your every wish but only in exchange for true love's kiss.

Eve and Lilith two dynamic, vastly different figures, sisters in one truth, Adam’s rigidity led them to flee and change the course of destiny

Even in a modern world the color black is often associated with wickedness or darkness. Throughout my life I felt a strong pull to the color and consistently found myself feeling the most alluring or powerful in the color. We are taught that black is the absence of color but in truth black is filled with so much texture and as many variations as any other color. The color black is associated with Goddess energy and as such it must be layered with texture and richness. I cannot help but find it curious that in a masculinity dominated world the color that is ruled by the feminine is the one associated with wickedness. To drape oneself in black is to be dressed in the essence of feminine energy: sensuality, mystery, creativity and so much more.

One of the most intoxicating things for me being adorned in all black is the embodiment of rebel angel energy that wants to be expressed from my being. While I know in my heart I am a being of light and true divine love it is my ability to move through darkness and understand its ways while still blazing with fire that brings balance into my being. I am rebellious, fierce, wild and powerful and while I’m dripping in black I feel these delicious characteristics accentuated.

As a Black woman I feel an even deeper need to rebel against the prejudices aimed against the color black. Although social prejudices are vastly different from color preference there is certainly a bridge with black being represented as a source of fear.

Black is a color of true beauty, the absorption of the sun and the essences death and rebirth themselves.

There are many things in my world that I find immense beauty and light in that society has tried to deem as wicked, such as divination or witchcraft. To this I respond there is light and darkness in everything, it all depends on which essence resides in the observers own heart.

The clock strikes 12 and you’ve had one too many to think tonight, let’s uncage the animal within and howl in the moonlight

Water nymphs splashing in the forest, tempted by desire you’re unable to fight the current, drawn into their lair, eyes locked in they’ve got you snared… better hold your breath.


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