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When I found this button up I was instantly reminded of spider webs and fell in love with it. I have a great reverence for spiders and consider them one of the most sacred of my personal anima spirit guides. Spiders are the sacred animal of the Native American Goddess Spider Woman, also known as Grandmother Spider. Of all the Goddesses who hold soul resonance for me Spider Woman truly connects to me in a way that I truly cannot describe. I think of her as my divine grandmother, the weaver with destiny in the palm of her hand. Because of all the inspiration her connection has brought into my life I have decided to dedicate this entry to her.

In the myth of Spider Woman she created all that we know the mountains, rivers, deserts and all else beauteous by weaving together the rays of the sun. She wove and wove until all of Earth’s landscape came into existence, except for the humans which she made individually from clay. From the crown of each human rose a golden thread of of connection to Spider Woman so that they always had access to her wisdom and love. Form the heavens Spider Woman wove together the destinies of the humans that she created, never missing a single detail. Even in moments that to an individual seemed full of darkness or uncertainty Spider Woman was weaving far ahead of what they could see bringing everything into perfect alignment for the highest good of all. Spider woman is a reminder to us that the hand of divine timing is always in flow, creating a world of opportunity for us. She also reminds us that we can connect to the divine at anytime simply by knowing we hold the key within our crowns. The divine is always present within the sacred space of your consciousness waiting to be heard by you. Just follow the golden thread.

Whenever you notice an abundance of spiders around you this is a signal to take destiny into your hands and work with the divine to create the life of your dreams. Spiders choose to work with those who have the power to determine their own fate. Spiders seak out weavers. Weavers are those who recognize the power of free will and how to walk in harmony with the divine plan. Spiders also remind us of the importance of patience, persistence and attention to detail. Success comes through vision and follow through, one of the spiders most noticeable gifts. The way the spider weaves together its web with perfect precision invites us to to the same with the visions we have for our own abundant lives.

We are woven together by the same great hand of love. The eternal feminine Grandmother Spider leaves us a constant reminder through the spinnings of her eight legged descendants. Do not run from that which brings you closer to yourself. Instead let your gaze follow as they spin, perhaps inspiration will strike and the next phase of your destiny can begin.

Oh how the webs I weave lead me to the heart of the eternal flame unfolding within my being. Spinning my way from one lifetime to the next, when destiny is on the line there’s no time to rest.

I only bite if you wander into my web without invitation. Come a little closer if you want me to leave a mark with a lasting sensation.

Dripping with the divine, I’ve got true love on the line, spinning its way closer right before my eyes. I’ve got a taste for the wilder side of life and baby you look like you could go for a bite.


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