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This pink rabbit dress and matching cardigan have been in my wardrobe since I was seventeen and they both remain staples. In animal symbolism the rabbit is often thought to be representative of two distinct energies, either love or fear. I find it very curious that the same animal is thought to be representative of energies that are polar opposites. I also find beauty in that. It really shows through one symbolic animal the power of perspective and that the lenses we view things through are entirely our own. We are truly the energetic conductors of our universe. This dualistic rabbit energy made me think of one of the most powerful and well known quotes from the Emerald Tablets, “as above so below, as the universe so the soul.” This quote is a reminder that our external reality is deeply influenced by our internal reality. If we want our world to be full of peace, love and abundance first we must generate all that energy within our own being. Power truly lies in our hands, in our minds and in our perceptions. This edition of Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to the duality of the rabbit and the reclamation of personal power through awareness and connection to the universe.

Heaven is a place on Earth when you lay down your mental swords and put love first

A primrose bloomed in the darkest of nights, beneath the soil her roots were bathed in light

Visions of love unfolding my eyes, you call it good luck, I call it the decision to rise

If you’re looking for true love just close your eyes and explore the depths of your mind

Hummingbird kisses made from the nectars of love, I envisioned it first, learned how to quench my own thirst, then it came cascading down from above

True power dances in a hidden language across the palms of our hands, each line a reflection of the mysteries of the divine

I am the conductor of electric freedom

I learn, I transmute, I grow. Yes, love, that’s the reason you can’t touch this glow

Take me to the heavens by taking me to your inner world. Show me the colors of your soul so we can paint the town


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