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Darkness at every turn yet somehow she managed to see through the eye of the divine

Today’s Alien Aesthetic is inspired by the myth of Persephone. I’m considering this sequence both a retelling as well as a reclamation of power in Persephone’s honor. In my version of the Myth the darkness of the underworld cannot bare the fierceness of Persephone’s light and she uses this to free herself from the clutches of Hades. This winter finding the courage to walk away from toxic blood relations has been both a challenge and experience that has led to tremendous blessings and new found understandings about my journey. Standing in the power of breaking generational curses I wanted to create a photo sequence about rising from the fires of hell and grips of venomous energy. Naturally, the myth of Persephone came to mind. Shout out to you, Persephone. I promise to continue breaking the chains that try to bind themselves to the light.

For anyone reading this today. You will succeed where Persephone failed- breaking free

Venom hides in bloodlines, bloodstains and blurred lines, sometimes words don’t encompass the crime, endured pain of the soul to recognize the power in mine
Impurities burned to ash, regret left in the past, forgiveness my last merciful act, forgetting y o u e x i s t, fear doesn’t live here anymore
A soul overflowing with centuries of ingrained wisdom will never be chained by concepts of blood and water. Self created
You can’t hold captive a light that has been written into the stars. I’ll be dancing across the heavens, tasting love in new dimensions
Broken free from the chains of generation’s curse, ascending to new heights, quenching loves thirst, I’ll have water over blood any day, take me to the River Jordan for a drink
The warmth of euphoria shall linger on my lips for every remaining breath. Wanna taste?
Today’s featured alien is Romie! on Instagram as @romievivi. I have known Romie for some time now through Kindred Spirits. when Romie walks into the shop her beauty often create a stir in the energy. She is an individual to whom beauty and style both come naturally and in that same breath the powers of divine connection come naturally to her as well. Romie’s connection to the universe often shows in the way she adorns herself which definitely is one of my favorite aspects of fashion. Highly intuitive and perceptive she is one of the most powerful witchy women I know.


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