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This look was thrown together thoughtlessly. When I saw my reflection in the mirror I thought instantly that I resembled a Pirate. If I were a Pirate Queen I imagine that my wardrobe would be composed of random scraps I had collected along my adventures. I think the mismatched patterns I’m wearing tells that story well. With this edition of Alien Aesthetic imagine that I am a Bandit Queen who has set sail with everything I own in pursuit of magick hidden within the depths of the world. Though the journey ahead is full of uncertainties it is also brimming with illumination and adventure that only the deep sea could offer.

The quest led me to uncover that the gold was running through my veins along
Tracing pathways to my treasure hidden in the wreckage of ships, it was a fragmented mirror that gave me a glimpse
Conquered my Demons so I circled around to help conquer the Demons of others.
The lightning speaks my name and guides me to my home amongst the thunder
Electrafied was how I left every individual who doubted my depth
Let yourself be moved by the promise of wonder
The Ocean is a reflection of the mysteries of your own heart. Can you hear the waves?
The key to happiness can be found within the treasure chest tucked away beneath your ribcage

Today’s featured Alien is Ash! on Instagram as @Eclecticbarbie. Ash’s style has many different layers of colour and expression. One of my favorite things about style is a sense of unpredictability and that is something that Ash demonstrates in a truly wicked way. in their own words,”As a multiracial, gender fluid individual I find myself navigating in a world that categorizes me as an outlier in most social spaces. Some days I can “fit in” with what I like to call my “cishet drag” look (with a wig on and a full face). But other days I can be your saturated color-wearing queer. I find that it gives me comfort to be purposefully expressive and loud with my style and I love how much control I have over my appearance through fashion and hairstyles. I am becoming more comfortable being excessively femme and sexy and I think those are my favorite looks apart from my day-to-day casual wear.”

Beyond desire there is truth where the petals fall
Some like it hot, some like it to burn
Riding the wind into waves of ecstasy
A taste of illumination cracks like a whip


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