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For a long time red was one of my least favorite colors to wear and I only had a splash within my wardrobe. Upon diving into healing with color energy I learned that the colors we tend to stay away from say a lot about where we are energetically. Subconsciously I was resistant to wearing such a bold, commanding color because I hadn’t yet embodied my own boldness, unapologetically. By the time this red vest found its way into my wardrobe red

and I had already begun a sensuous relationship with one another. The vest is bordered with tiny feminine alienesc creatures which I found instant resonance with. Often Ancient Shamans and Shamaness’ following the Sun Dance way would paint or bead muses onto their clothing as a constant reminder of their connection. I love looking at my tiny alienesc ladies and connecting them with my own personal muses.

With my heart already wandering along the path of the Sundance Way I decided that I wanted to create an edition of Alien Aesthetic dedicated the four directions on the medicine wheel. In order to be considered a truly wise, balanced individual one would have to have to understand the lessons and truths of the four directions. The south was a place of love & innocence, the west was a place of introspection, the north was a place of wisdom and the east was a place of vision. Each direction had its own sacred totem animal. Often an Individuals name was reflective their strengths upon the wheel. You might perhaps encounter someone gifted with a name like Flying Bear, Wolf Heart Buffalo, or Wandering Eagle. In the case of Flying Bear their gifts would likely be that of the Bear's intuitive way but they would also have the Eagle's gift of vision. Though exploring each direction is crucial to understanding oneself I find particular resonance with the west for multiple reasons.

The totem animal for the west is the bear which is a symbol of divine insight, leadership and the introspective way. In Earth Astrology Virgo’s totem animal is also the bear, which was one of my happiest personal discoveries. I also find a particular sweetness in the fact the west direction is the sign of introspection when I’ve spent the majority of my life on the west coast, and in this moment I am giving my all to building a divine foundation upon introspection. In today’s photo set I am standing bold with my muses as I embody the energy of one of the most powerful beings in my soul tribe.


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