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I found this denim jumpsuit at a Salvation Army in Union City, New Jersey and couldn’t believe my luck to discover it fit like a glove and also still held its original tags. Every item I found on this trip felt like a gift from the divine and this jumpsuit is no exception. It makes me feel so retro sensual! It’s now probably my favorite item in my evolving wardrobe. Seeing it paired with my silver platform sandals and silver buffalo earrings this morning made me feel like silver seduction. Thinking of the connection between silver and the divine feminine next led me envision myself as moon goddess, which in truth every divine feminine carries an aspect of. Since tonight is the Full Moon, falling in the sign of Taurus it only made sense to dedicate this edition of Alien Aesthetic to this Venusian Lunar event.

In creating the art aesthetics for today’s entry I also realized I was celebrating the birth of my latest blog, Moon Goddess Daily. Lunar magick has been a crucial part of my journey into divine femininity and I want this new blog to be a deep reflection of that ever evolving journey.

For an in depth look at the lunar magick expressed in this photo set check out today’s edition of Moon Goddess Daily! Much love, Kismet

Tempt me with the sweet caress of true love and the embrace of wild abandon

She rose from the ocean and became the queen of celestial groove

I’m Venus and you’re Mars, a match made in heaven, crash landing amongst the stars

The moon connects us all, whether we scurry unseen upon the forest floor or stand on two feet, 5 feet 9 inches tall

Goddess of ethereal reflection, your love offers the sweetest protection even on the darkest of nights

The way the moon made love to the desert night was our constant companion as we too unraveled ourselves in erotic delight.

Throw open the window of your soul and invite in our sweet moon’s healing glow

She is the moon, regardless of her phase she remains the brightest source of light you will find upon the night sky.

Through the Priestess of the Moon is how you uncover the untold power behind the Sun’s rising hour.


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