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My favorite thing about this sequined Kimono is the way it transforms me into a true cosmic beauty. It’s a magnet for the sun and when the two meet colorful shimmering lights are sent dancing all around the vicinity. It makes me feel like a true celestial wonder.

It’s one of those statement pieces that when worn people have trouble keeping their eyes off of, which in truth makes me feel even more vibrant and confident in my skin. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in this lifetime is the importance of letting your authentic light shine. In my youth I was uncomfortable with any sort of spotlight, thinking I was better suited standing in the background. Moving into my adolescence and early adult hood my confidence began to rise but I still struggled with allowing myself to be seen. Without realizing it, through my own moments of insecurity I had developed a fear of making other people feel insecure. So I found myself willingly hiding myself in an attempt to make others more comfortable, even though in truth their comfortability had nothing to do with me. We are the only ones in control of our self esteem. By allowing yourself to be your authentic self you cannot deplete the self esteem of another. We are all reflections of one another so naturally our behaviors may bring up unresolved insecurity in another, but it is not our place to diminish ourself. It is simply our job to be light.

If you perceive that shining your brightest is bringing discomfort to your companions you must use our discernment to decipher if this is an opportunity to offer love and encouragement or if it is a companionship better left behind. Only your heart will be able to tell you the difference. There will be those who are in need of your example, and being your realist most authentic self is in truth the most beautiful example you can set for those still searching for there inner light. Your love, light and words of encouragement can be the missing ingredient that brings their confidence to light. There will also be times when you may find yourself in an environment

where individuals prefer to see you mute your light and stay hidden in shadows with them out of their own fears of personal growth. In these shadowy places you cannot stay. Again, discernment is key. Listen to your heart.

Regardless of environment it is crucial to stand behind your light above all. Your light comes straight from the divine and the more you allow yourself to embody this truth the more your natural radiance can blossom, becoming a magnetic force for all those that you connect with. Do not be afraid if the lighter you become and the more your impact expands in reach, the smaller your personal circle grows. Sometimes we must clear space to invite in energy that is truly soul resonate and believes in our light as much as we do.

Don’t ever worry about how people perceive you and your light, just focus on the way you perceive you. At the end of the day it’s only your opinion of yourself that holds weight. Be willing to be the brightest star in the room in the hopes you may inspire someone there to stand in their own starlight. Be willing to take up the most space to set an example that one does not need to stay small. Most importantly be willing to stay true to yourself even in moments where it would be easier to shrink away.

A cosmic wonder with a presence that will wake you from your sleep like the rumble of thunder.

Magick is meant to be seen, felt, sipped slowly. So, baby, come over for a drink. I’ve already had too much to think tonight and I’m ready to set this sky ablaze with the violet light of our love.

If my love could be bottled you’d be drunk on the elixir of life.

Under the moon I shine my brightest. I come alive under her pale shimmering light. Goddess of darkness, source of sight even on the darkest of nights.

Violet fire fills my soul an electric wonder to behold. Whether I warm you with a gentle caress or scorch with power emanating from my chest, is entirely up to you.

Technicolor lover, you’ve brought whirls of color into my world my imagination couldn’t comprehend until they were dancing before my eyes. You held a mirror up to my face and said, “my love the light is yours”

Do you see what I see? Realms of fantasy crashed landing into reality. It’s become impossible to decipher which is which, all I know is suddenly the world is vivid and time doesn’t exist.


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