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When I found this red zodiac printed dress I was instantly swooning. It’s always such a treat to discover something related to the cosmos. One of my lifelong loves has been astrology. One of my favorite things about our love language is the way that my understanding of astrology deepens as my understanding of myself and others arounds me deepens. As a child I knew I was a Virgo and thought it was the coolest thing ever I had no idea that I was barely tasted the first layer of a very delicious, very satisfying cake. The thing that tends to steer people away from astrology is they feel like they are being herded into a group with masses of people and their individuality being stripped. Because of pop culture astrology and no prior knowledge of astrology going deeper than sun signs many are ready to dismiss it entirely. The beauty of astrology is that it is a detailed yet limitless language, every chart is bursting with individuality and a unique karmic story. While there may be many similarities there are simply too many influences which make us entirely ourselves and nobody else. Our destinies are literally written in the stars. One of a witchy woman’s most beloved sayings is “as above, so below” which is a beautiful way to look at our relationship with the stars. All the majesty of the heavens is reflected within our earthly beings. I thought it would be so fun to create a photo sequence out of my natal chart so here we go! I hope all the astrology lovers enjoy this one.

Sun in Virgo: Solitary soul with a mission of love, tree spirit with the silhouette of an angel

Moon in Sagittarius: Wild child, rebel with a cause, celestial stallion born to be a leader of the free

Pisces rising: Sensitivity in motion, a siren of the ocean. Lose yourself in these eyes, let me hypnotize you with destiny set in motion.

Mercury in Leo: I show you all of who I am as a gesture of my divinity

Venus in Cancer: Empress of love, romantically inspired by all that I see. Love is the essence of all that I was born to be.

Mars in Libra: I value my voice, know it as truth but trust me when I say I value yours too.

Jupiter in Libra: Harmony is the name of the game. Though we shine differently the light of our soul is one and the same.

Pluto in Scorpio: they say not all who wander are lost but if you find yourself in these waters your heart just may stop.

Uranus in Capricorn: visions of the future, seeds of success in my hands.

Neptune in Capricorn: fantasy and ambition are one in the same.

Saturn in Aquarius: Flowing to the rhythms of my own creations I’m manifesting life long sensations.

Today’s featured Alien is the beyond lovely Devadeva, on Instagram as @eternaldivinebeing.

In their words”My style tends to say a lot about the inner Being that dwells within the vast, serene, inner space. I am a fluid being, and I consider myself to be very care-free, and spontaneous in my own expression. However, at the same time, I acknowledge that there is a deep, quiet, and mysterious Being who has not yet made herself known to me. I see aspects of her through the style of wardrobe I choose to express myself with as well. There is both a light-heartedness and a darkness that both stem from the core of my being. I see wardrobe as an opportunity for creation and self expression, there is so much healing when we choose to adorn ourselves in our most favorite clothing!”

Devadeva is a true source of feminine inspiration to me. She offers herself as a source to true light simply by standing in her natural radiance. Whenever I scroll past a video of her dancing freely I feel so inspired to move myself. You can hear the power of her healing in the softness of her voice, I urge you to stop and listen to her videos sometime!


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