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I felt incredibly powerful in this look. It wasn’t so much about the outfit itself but the adornments around my middle that made me feel incredibly strong in my being. My Angel winged belt, coined dance shawl and custom gold heart belt had me feeling like a luminous gold Sun. I have a deep love for making my own belts, they’re by far one of my favorite accessories. As I’ve grown in wisdom I’ve made connections with my love for them to my Earth spirituality.

To sum it up as quickly as possible the Sun Dance way was a way of walking in peace and divine love upon the Earth that united forty four of the great native tribes. The men who walked the Sun Dance Way carried shields with them that held personal emblems, their names, revealed their sacred gifts, totem animals and anything else was relevant to know immediately upon meeting an individual. This way a whole story could be told about someone’s soul as soon as they met. It was beautiful beyond words. Rather than carrying shields the women who walked the sun dance way would wear belts that carried their soul stories. It makes complete sense that the feminine would wear her most powerful talisman around her waist because the Sacral/ Solar Plexus Chakras are incredibly powerful centers of creation for the feminine and thus incredibly sensitive. The belts that I wear and create for myself I definitely feel tell a special portion of my souls story. My belts are often heavy with crystals, charms and anything else that just make me feel like Kismet. I feel so myself, so powerful when I’m in them, especially in the ones that are completely created by my own hands. I think one of the most beautiful gifts of personal style is to be able to paint a picture of your soul on the outside. This is why I put so much intention into adorning myself every day.

For anyone who reads this today I invite you to create something reflective of your soul to wear outside for the world to see!

With love, Kismet


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