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Though you can’t really spot them in the photo sequence today’s look featured a pair of silver buffalo earrings that for me have become a talisman with deep soul resonance due to the connection I feel with White Buffalo Calf Woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Goddess who first presented herself to the Lakota people now commonly known as the Sioux. The story begins as two skilled hunters make their way across the prairie in search of the Buffalo that would offer its life in giveaway to the people that day. On the not so distant horizon the glowing silhouette of a two legged (another human) came into view. As she grew closer the two hunter’s realized this glowing figure was the

most radiant woman the they had ever laid eyes on. The first of the Hunters took note of the fact that this Divine Beauty was defenseless, alone with no one to act as protector. He moved towards her with the intention of overpowering her and taking advantage of her. The glowing woman opened her arms wide and invited the hunter closer. The second hunter watched in awe as a whirl of mist surrounded the beauty and the first hunter. When the mist cleared no longer stood his companion, instead a skull and bones dropped in a heap to the ground. Now, the second hunter was of a different makeup than the first. He was a true warrior. When the beauty appeared on the prairie he thought not of taking advantage but instead recognized her as Divine, he knew that she must carry with her a great teaching that would benefit his people.

Completely struck by her power and beauty,” Oh, Woman of power and mystery” he said, “will you come and teach my people?” She agreed to share her wisdom with the people and instructed the Warrior to build her a lodge. The Warrior built this sacred space dutifully as well as gathered his people for the sacred teachings that were sure to come. White Buffalo Calf Woman gifted the people the sacred Catlinite pipe. As she described the make up of this sacred instrument she was able to show how it was a reflection of the interconnectedness of the the universe, each portion of the pipe held its own unique divine meaning. She taught the people how we are all one, all infinitely reflected in one another whether we be two legged, four legged, of the sky or the towering standing people (trees). As she finished her teachings and began to fade into the horizon the people witnessed her transform into a pure white Buffalo calf and that is where this Goddess claims her name. Overall White Buffalo Calf Woman’s message is this, we must honor the intricate web of life in which we are woven. She teaches that understanding this connection to one another is the only way that as a planet we can hope to move through times of global turbulence and fear. This leads to the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. The prophecy begins like this “One day... there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist” It is at this very pivotal moment in the Earth’s history when the rainbow warriors have begun to incarnate & awaken. The only hope for human kind to continue on this planet is to return to the old ways, the ways in which we honor nature as a reflection of our own divinity and vice versa. The Rainbow Warriors incarnating at this time are understood to be ancient Native Ancestors who are being born again to differing races all over the world all for the purpose of global connection, this is why they are called “Rainbow” warriors. This is an extremely important aspect of this teaching because as a society we can try to place ownership on spirituality and other belief systems. We must overcome this limiting behavior and recognize the connection between us all, regardless of a factor like race which at times can feel like it creates the most momentous obstacle. In order to move forward we must drop the veils of separation and surrender into oneness, we must drop the veils of separation and return home to the divine mother, nature. Today, I invite you to grab the hand of White Buffalo Calf Woman and begin your journey across the rainbow bridge. Our world as we know it depends on it.

Today’s Featured Alien is Brittany! On Instagram as @B_geeeee. I had the blessing of meeting this beauty at her birthday party at Space Taco a couple years ago. It was such an experience to see the club decorated in her honor and the way everyone there wanted to celebrate this beauty. After becoming acquainted with Brittany it became abundantly obvious why her birthday truly was a celebration for so many. Every time I’ve encountered her she’s always had a moment to share a few soft words of sweetness accompanied with the type of energy that makes you feel the warmth of friendship even upon just meeting. Brittany has one of the most colorful and electric styles and it is a treat to see the way her choices in fashion shift and evolve. One thing that is totally clear about Brittany is that this is someone who carries within the authenticity & bravery it takes to wear whatever groovy thing catches her eye. In Brittany’s own words,”My style I think would be loud, questioning, Iconic I love to express my beauty. All though we can all have our flaws & insecurities I try not to have any doubts when it comes to my fashion and body curves if I think it will look good and it makes me feel good I go for it! It’s a little more edgy / gothic princess / harajuku style”


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