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In truth I don’t have a concrete reason why, but when I put on this outfit I decided that I was a hummingbird. Something I do on a normal basis is choose what creature I am for the day based on what outfit I am, this is probably the seed that sprouted into Alien Aesthetic now that I think on it. Usually I come up with some type of hybrid creature that I think would be cute, but the actual power that lies in connecting with animal energy can’t be denied. As a race humans have gotten lost in the idea of separation and that we are somehow superior to the other beings on this planet. The simple truth is that we are one, coming from the same great source of creation. In a simpler world animals were revered by Native People as equals. In Native American mythology you will often hear animals referred to as Brother or Sister. In mythology animals and people are easily able to communicate, neither one is vying for position as superior. They simply exist in harmony.

Though in this modern world I’m limited to daydreams of this type of coexistence I am still able to actively work with animal energy and totems. I find particular resonance with bears, wolves, owls, snakes and spiders. I feel that each of these animals carries a unique wildness that exists in my soul. Every single being on this planet has an Anima, or wild nature within. Sometimes it can be difficult to let our wild side take the lead if we are worried about the perceptions of others. In these moments I find it extremely beneficial to step out of the mind and into the energy of one of my spirit animals. If I want to add sensuality and femininity to my dance I focus on the energy of the snake, when I need to disconnect from those around me I become the bear, in moments where I must honor my intuition I become the wolf, when I need to see the higher perspective I am the owl, when my hands must take over and create I become the spider. To connect to your totem animals you must simply look within. You can’t “choose” or find the wrong guide. It will simply be what it is meant to be for you. By embracing your wild nature life can begin to feel a lot less constricting and a lot more worth adventuring through. We are not meant to be prim little vessels of propriety. We are meant to run, roar, make wild love and dive in headfirst into our nature.

Celestial Bear, Guardian of the West, keeper of hidden truths, it is you who taught me I can be solitary and powerful too.

With a heart deeper than the sea and a mind higher than the sky I live in a world of fantasy and it’s no real wonder why.

Howl with me beneath the moon and baby I’ll roar for you.

Piercing eyes deep as night, a wild soul who finally took flight, watch me soar amongst the stars as they burn.

Today’s Featured Alien is the supernova Jacque! On Instagram as @Jupiterss.moons but known to my heart @lilbutterfly. In Jacque’s own words

“If I had someone ask me to explain in my words what my unique fashion expression is, I would look at them and do a twirl and ask, how do you feel when you look at me? ...Inspired? Confident? Comfortable?

I know people say you dress for yourself and shouldn’t dress for anyone else but in my opinion, I dress for both sides of that coin. Confidence, inspired and comfortable are 3 words not many people can truly express with certainty, and I was one of them.

Finding your unique fashion expression comes after discovering who you are or who you inspire to be. When I was 19 I started building up the courage to finally look at myself and dare to love every imperfectly perfect part of my being. Personality, body, weight, height, skin, stretch marks, quite literally, all of me.

Influenced by almost every great fashion era, being the 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 90s, I started to put together pieces that made me feel inspired, confident and comfortable. I took the risks, I challenged and dared myself to be bold. I wanted to shake the normal standard of what a confident women should look like in this day and age.

Let me leave you with one hair of advice.

You should be yourself and others will follow suite, after all, that’s how we will change the world.


Jupiter’s Moons

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