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Initially upon getting dressed in this denim short suit I felt both comfortable and free. Shortly after I felt the presence of intrusive thoughts which led me to wonder if this look was too much, the denim too tight & and the shorts too short to be considered appropriate for the day. The voice of my highest self was able to cut through the outdated conditioning to remind myself nobody but myself has the right to dictate what’s appropriate and what isn’t. All that truly matters is authenticity and comfortability in what I choose to adorn myself in. From there my day became a dedication to rebellion against the ideas of being inappropriate or being either too much or too little. I choose what is revealed. I choose what stays hidden. In doing so I create my own unique brand of integrity which the commentary of others truly holds no value. I decided to dedicate this edition of Alien Aesthetic to the divine curvature of the female form, the lush hillsides and valleys of the silhouette and the golden nectar that resides in the sweet spot between the thighs. With all the magic that exists in femininity both internally and on a physical scale I believe it’s time to renounce the ideas conformity that urge us to remain quiet, small or covered up. Let's live free y’all.

Today’s featured alien is Aly on Instagram as @trippyhippie0801. I had the pleasure of meeting Aly through Kindred Spirits and every time I’ve had the opportunity to read with her I’ve known up front it was going to be a reading full of fun and laughter, which is always a treat. Aly has a vibrant and engaging personality and a natural ability to make you laugh with minimal effort. Her energy reminds me of a Celtic Goddess, finding power in her strength and presence. I feel that this unique quality carries over into her style and wardrobe. In Aly’s own words, ”Expression through style to me means being totally free to be yourself in any style. Style can also mean so many things. Express your confidence in your clothes, Express your heart in a style of art. Express emotion through a style of poetry you enjoy writing. Express yourself in a style of make up you choose.”


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