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When the Deer makes her way through the thick of the enchanted forest she carries a natural grace and radiance that stops passerby in their tracks. Deer energy is the embodiment of feminine earth energy. It is both gentle and nurturing as well as intuitive and discerning.

When the deer appears before us she carries a message of tranquility, to surrender into the present moment without fear of deceit or wrong doing from the world around us. Instead she invites us to slow down and fall in love with our surroundings. Her world is one of divine love and connection to the world around her, she invites us to follow her into these places of divine oblivion.

This life can be heaven on Earth, full of pleasure and the manifestations of divine magick. It can be easy to forget what a beautiful world we live in if we are constantly on guard, in a state of fear about the intentions of others. Whether or not the individuals in our midst offer us love or make us prickle with anxiety now is the time to release the need to control our environment. Today, find bliss in simplicity. Listen to your favorite music, get creative, enjoy a stroll through the park or your neighborhood, curl up with one of your books or tuck into a favorite movie. Find something that brings comfort to your heart and peace to a wandering mind.

If you find negative energy in your midst impossible to ignore, release all that does not serve you but stay in a place of compassion so that your day may continue to be filled with simplicity in the form of divine splendor.


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