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When I drew the energy of “Play” my guides challenged me to embody this energy by choosing a mentality of joy, no matter how my external surroundings appeared. I was challenged to choose hope in the face of uncertainty about the future, faith in the face of self doubt and perseverance in what I recognize as my soul’s joyful nature, rather than falling into the world's chaos. To play is to let go of mental constraints such as fear, worry and anxiety and instead allow ourselves to engage in activities that promote happiness, rather than what we perceive as productivity.

To play is to embrace the essence of the inner child. No matter who we are and what our background looks like, every individual has the essence of the inner child within. The inner child essence craves laughter, unconditional love, freedom to explore and very importantly the room to play. When the inner child is granted the room to explore its natural desires we begin to unlock many internal pathways towards creative expression and a life authentically lived. This is because while we are in the essence of the child we see things through lenses of innocence. We relax into approval of ourselves and our endeavors. Suddenly the issues we felt defined us are easier to overcome. It is from this place of innocence that our horizons are able to expand. I felt the truth of this resonate deeply this week when I slipped into play energy by spending hours at the aquarium with my lover. My imagination completely took hold as I encountered the different creatures of the deep. I found myself so mystified by the creativity of nature that my human worries seemed very insignificant. I found myself able to look at the world beyond my own and remember the depth of nature’s divine expression.

I left the aquarium feeling inspired creatively & spiritually, I know deeply it is because I allowed the innocence of my inner child to lead me on an excursion into another world. In many ways play can be the most productive option available to us because the freedom of joyful movement leads directly to inspiration. Often we can try to hammer ourselves with work, craving inspiration only to have it evade us. Play is the gateway that offers pleasure and discovery along the way.

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