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The emotional realms of most individuals have the oceanic capacity to either drown us or send us into waves of bliss. Emotions have the capacity to invigorate us body and soul as well as leaving us feeling depleted and without hope. It all hinders on which way we choose to either balance our emotions or allow them to rule us. Balancing of the emotions requires a give and take relationship with the realm of thought. Neither one of them can master the other if we wish to experience true harmony. When the heart is mastered by thought we become critical, anxious and paranoid. When the mind is mastered by the heart we can become so caught in our emotional currents it is hard to make reasoned decisions for ourselves and instead act only on impulse. when these two energies balance one another we become thoughtful, sensing and exploratory. We hone in on the ability of discernment which is the gatekeeper to what is opportunity vs a depletion of valued time.

There is no way to eradicate emotion, even an individual who categorizes themselves as cold and unfeeling most certainly has triggers and things that also force a smile upon their face. Embracing the truth that our emotions are a crucial part of soulful intelligence sets us up to live a life in harmony with our sensual nature rather than following a pre designated path. Emotions open us up to truly experiencing life as it is intended, to be full of depth, feel and discovery.

Tips for balancing emotions

•give a voice to your heart and let it tell you what it truly wants/ needs. I recommend writing this down.

•repeat the above step but this time give a voice to your mind

•meditate and envision swimming through an ocean of your own emotions. What rises to the surface? What sinks? What colors the water beautifully? What pollutes?

•spend a day listening only to your heart, spend a day listening only to your mind, compare which day flowed easier

•practice being the observer of your thoughts and notice how your thoughts impact the way you feel in your body.


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