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When these two energies merged together for me this week it became clear that I was due for a deepening relationship with my understanding of what it means to have true perspective. Of course every individual has a unique perspective of the world around them but I understood this is not what where my focus was being directed from these oracle cards. The message I channeled from my Divine Guides is this “perspective is clarity in envisioning the course of action required for your success”

What I was being guided towards is that holding a perspective that is in line with my desired manifestations & vision for the future is how each needed step is created. If in moments of frustration my perspective shifts towards illusions of failure or misfortune then naturally it becomes much harder to manifest what it is I actually want. Suddenly there is a fog blotting out the path in front of me. The path is still there but much harder to navigate. Holding a perspective of inevitable success allows me to witness the confusing moments on my path from a space of objectivity, knowing every event occurs for a purpose.

Searching for the higher perspective in our uncertainties offers us glimmers of what strengths are being instilled in us through our challenges. What I mean by the “higher perspective” is the viewpoint of the godly energy coursing throughout the universe. Envisioning what the Divine must see when writing our destinies can offer us clues to each mystery in our lives. Claiming the higher perspective allows us to see through the eyes of the sacred what we are truly capable of. Today’s invitation is to look beyond the physical world and glimpse how it is the universe is making us mighty.

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