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There is a natural rhythm to the movements in our world, a divine example being the ebb and flow between the moon and our oceans. When the Flow card appears before us we are asked to sink into our own natural rhythms, releasing the need to force or control situations in our personal worlds.

This is a time where our intentions have been set in motion and now we must simple continue on the path before us with grace. This does not mean to become a stagnant pool of water, waiting for the possibility of life to come to you. Instead, it means to become a river moving seamlessly with the wind and carefully flowing past any obstacles that present themselves.

To flow is to fall into harmony with nature, with the divine. When the winds of change blow, like a leaf we must allow ourselves to be carried upon the wind to our destination. To flow we must find being harmony within our own beings as well. We must ask ourselves if our mind, body and spirit are dancing in Divine Union or are we perhaps neglecting or focusing our attention to only one aspect of our divinity. We must remember the wholly trinity of self. We must also bring harmony to our minds and to our hearts. When these two merge successfully this is the birth place of intuition. Neither can be left in a dominant position of control without it being to our detriment.

Overall to flow we must find balance. Be willing to seek out in your personal world anything that makes you feel off kilter, whether this be internally or externally. This requires non biased observation of self and our surroundings. Be willing to seek, be willing to see, be willing to change course if necessary.


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