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Of all the assets we are blessed with upon the journey of Human experience the mind is quite possibly the most powerful tool we are equipped with, depending upon how we choose to use it, if we are not aware of its power it can easily become our biggest obstacle. The human mind is especially susceptible to adverse patterning, this makes it extremely important to understand that you are not your thoughts but the consciousness that exists behind them. It is up to us to discern whether the activity in our mind is truly reflective of our soul’s truth or if it is conditioned beliefs absorbed from the world around us. Learning to affirm yourself through your own voice is a great asset in learning to discern what is you vs what is merely intrusive thoughts. For example if every day you are telling yourself how strong, beautiful or powerful you are when a voice suddenly appears telling you you are worthless or doomed to fail it is now much easier to realize what belongs to you. All too often a thought that is intrusive is integrated as if it were our own and then waves of anxiety or fear come washing ashore. By invigorating the mind with affirmatory behaviors we can deepen the relationship between mind, body and soul. The bridge between thought, intention and manifestation are also strengthened immeasurably. Today the invitation is this, take a dip into your own mind. Swim deeply, as deep as you can go. From there it is time to uncover what muddies the water vs what fills it with life. Remove the sludge without fear and in its place supplement it with your own unique loving energy. Trust me when I say, it can be so simple.

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