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Constantly we are told to remain grounded during times of frustration or upheaval, but what does it truly mean to be grounded? To be grounded means to be of the earth, rooted in a center of balance. When there is uncertainty in our world there is great temptation to float aimlessly in the clouds of the mind. Often we think that by circling through our thoughts we will reach a point of peace but the truth is peace is only found in moments of clarity. Clarity is found through the balancing act of grounding. There are as many ways to ground ourselves into the body as there are unique perceptions.

Getting physical is always a great way to leave restless thoughts behind and connect our mind back to body and soul. Stretching out our limbs while tuning into calming music is a great method. Many people may avoid stretching feeling that they “don’t know how to do yoga” I felt it important to say yoga is more specifically a state of mind, not poses. So I greatly urge anyone to stretch and wiggle without worrying about the propriety of what they are doing. Dancing with my hula hoop which I call my energy wheel is my favorite way to get physical. As I dance I envision my energy wheel clearing energetic clutter from my auric field. Each time I walk away feeling electrified in what I call my hoop high but the truth is I’m invigorated by allowing myself to free restless energy. A walk in nature and connecting with trees I find is a beautiful way to be reminded how big life is and how small worries are. If you find yourself in a city where nature isn’t readily acceptable the city trees you do see around will appreciate your time with them that much more. For city dwellers I also recommend finding one spot in the city where you allow yourself to exist on your own and disconnect from everything else. It could be literally anywhere that speaks to your soul on some level, big or small. Wherever you are in the world, allowing yourself to notice the rhythm of your feet hitting the pavement as you walk can be a steady reminder of the support beneath you.

Another great method of grounding is creation. For every person who says they are not creative I respond you are creation itself. Every individual was born to express, it’s just about seeking our unique forms of expression. You do not to be an “artist” to be a creative. All that is required to create is to put energy in motion. It’s putting your thoughts and movement into something constructive and seeing the results. Generating new energy is how we identify and eliminate our stagnant thoughts and behaviors. Allowing my imagination to take the reins makes me feel closer to my dreams. It makes my fantasies feel like they are a part of my reality.

Drinking tea is another method of grounding that is very intimate. If you choose to create your own tea blends just having your hands in the herbs and creating your mix will bring you back down into earth energy. Whether you make your own tea or have favorites you reap huge benefits. The elements are brought together in harmony while drinking tea. We have earth with our tea and introduce fire and water when we bring the latter to a boil. The beautiful steam that arises connects us with air. This union brings an overall sensation of warmth. Spending ten minutes alone with a cup of tea can be a moment of true intimacy if we let go and indulge our senses.

Cleansing is another grounding method that can truly make the difference in a day. Cleansing our auric field with intention allows us to cut away a feelings of heaviness and energetic cords that don’t belong to us. These cords stem from connections to others that can sometimes be draining and to our personal devices which are constantly draining. My favorite method of cleansing is burning cleansing herbs, Yerba Santa and Sage. There is also lots of Juniper burning by my partner. Personal affirmations and spells are a necessity for me to feel centered and in peace. anything written to yourself from a space of love can be considered an affirmation or spell. It’s the reading aloud that

will call in the magic. The next way I love is a constant bringer of warmth, a hot shower. Letting the water wash away the day feels truly magical. I love closing my eyes and letting the water take me to a rainforest where it rains warm soothing water. This is also a great place to bring in

affirmations and ask the water to cleanse away all energy that does not belong to you & then invite it to infuse you with its abundant nurturing energy.

The benefits of feeling grounded are truly countless but I think what it boils down to is that feeling connected to our body allows us to actually participate in life. A life cannot be truly lived only in thought. Even though the clouds call sometimes keeping our feet planted on the earth is the way we are able to climb the mountains of our dreams. This is how we will one day find ourselves even above the clouds. Being grounded gives us the focused energy to pursue the things that brings us alive, without restless thoughts muddying the water and halting all true productivity. In the end one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the knowing we truly lived our lives and were intentionally present throughout the whole thing.


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