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Soma is energetically tied with the moon, when this card appears before us a time of working deeper with our intuitive feminine wisdom is upon us. We are asked to discern whether we are relying more on the insights of others or if we have truly learned to tap into the rivers of self understanding that lead to trust in the feminine intuition. It is crucial to have a flowing relationship with your intuition, one that is cemented in trust. Since we are all reflections of one another if we cannot find trust in ourselves it is unlikely that we will ever feel complete trust in another individual.

Soma carries the energy of higher initiation and the unfoldment of intuition into occult realization and spiritual evolution. It reminds us that the power we are looking for is already within, simply behind doors waiting to be unlocked by us through higher understanding. Soma is the magic mushroom which can provide us with the paths to these doorways. The last and very potent energy of the Soma is the reminder that magic mushrooms and other mind altering substances may contain pathways to enlightenment, but not enlightenment themselves.

This understanding is crucial because there are many on the path of self initiation that dive into substances without limits looking for pools of self discovery, which more often than not our found, but we must always remember to come back up for air. We must always remember to maintain balance and most importantly that we are the magic that’s being activated not whatever’s been swallowed.


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