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There is nothing on Earth more Divine than feminine energy. Feminine energy creates, fulfills and sustains. As we talk about femininity it is always an important reminder that this not about gender but the flow of energy. When we are in touch with our feminine energy we are imaginative, vulnerable, intuitive and as this card especially highlight we are deeply sensual. Sensuality is a key aspect of our experience on this Earth. Whether sensuality is shared with a partner or within the solitude of self, pleasure directly connects you to the Divine, when of course pleasure is consciously engaged in. Though pleasure comes in many forms, specifically I am talking about pleasure stemming from sexuality. To know your body intimately and be willing to share it in union with someone who sees, honors and respects it as much as they do your soul is in truth an act of worship. However, when you give your body freely, without thought, to any individual who doesn’t truly value your divinity and worth it becomes incredibly easy to deplete yourself of your sacred energy and find yourself entangled in theirs.

Bottom line is, if it isn’t an act of love often people are dumping their energetic baggage in your most sacred of portals.

In this world many of us don’t truly know how to invoke our own pleasure as well as how to receive pleasure from others. The reason behind this, especially for those who identify closely with feminine energy, is that the focus is largely on how to give pleasure to others

without ever thinking of themselves. Now is the time to deepen your personal understanding of what electrifies you, what hypnotizes you, what absolutely sets you on fire. It’s also important to know what simply turns you all the way off. Knowing these things for yourself allows you to deepen your intimacy with your own being, but it also allows you to see where you are sexually compatible with others.

Sexuality and spirituality dance closely together in sensual embrace, though many of us still fear being openly sexual as sinful or degrading. For those still harboring those fears I ask you to closely discern, are these truly your opinions, or are those the opinions that you have been fed by society/family since birth? Whether you want to let your freak flag fly, prefer modesty or you are one of the many individuals who don’t desire sexual inter course with others you must simply live by your own desires not by the expectations of the world.


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