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Feminine energy is the elixir of life. Of this elixir the sweetest nectar is sensuality and its expression through acts of pleasure. The energy of A-musement comes to us with a reminder of diving into the things that allow us to taste moments of Heaven on Earth. It can be all too easy to get lost in the wheel of daily routine & many get stuck on the loop to points near exhaustion. Even with a schedule bursting with activity moments of pleasure can diffuse the monotony and infuse you with newfound movement to keep striving forward. Sexuality is only one aspect of sensual pleasure but it is quite powerful. To share this type of energy with another is extremely vitalizing if both parties come equipped with a clear auric field and the intent of reciprocal energy exchange. Reciprocity is key here. Sexual exchange can be extremely depleting if one or both parties come with the selfish motive of only taking pleasure. The invitation here is to indulge in this sweetness but do so mindfully. Sensual pleasure also comes in forming a relationship with all that you intake. Whether it be in the form of food or herbs you can induce moments of bliss by recognizing your connection to the great cosmic “all.”

Sensual pleasure unfolds as you connect to your body and recognize it as the vessel in sacred union with your spirit, mind and soul. Dance has been understood since ancient times to be able to create pathways of understanding between oneself and the divine. Don’t worry about how you look, remember that to dance is just to be moved by your energy and everyone is moved differently by energy. Dance is freedom. Whether you prefer the middle of the dance floor or alone in your room let yourself be moved by your free flowing energy. Another one of my favorite forms of feminine pleasure is through the creation of both mindful and mindless art. Creativity is the gift that gives back endlessly. Allow yourself to create freely from both the mind and body with no purpose other than bathing yourself in pleasure.


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