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Abundance is the overflow and love and opportunity in our world but more importantly abundance is a state of mind accessible to us all. When this card appears before us it is because we are ready to taste deeper levels of fulfillment. We are ready to receive all of the blessings we have been working to manifest. The key energy that we always want to stand in is that the flow of abundance is entirely in our hands. To be abundant requires both humility and awareness as well as trust in your abilities. Above this it requires trust and surrender to the divine.

One of the biggest obstacles that many will face as they look for abundant energy is comparison to others or jealousy. It’s key to remember that as no two stories are alike abundance will likely look and feel different for us all. It becomes remarkably easy to lose sight of your own blessings if you’re busy counting the blessings of those around you. Jealousy is a particularly tricky energy because when you look upon others through its eyes on a vibrational level you are telling the universe that you don’t want that experience for yourself. Another persons gain is never your loss. When you are able to look on another’s experiences with love and happiness for them you are showing the universe that those same experiences may also be fitting in your world.

You may have big dreams and visions that you have yet to attain but a true example of an abundant soul is one who can celebrate their successes, with humility and trust, before they have become a part of your physical reality. An abundant mindset is one full of compassion, love and faith. When you allow yourself to overflow with these key energies so will you find yourself overflowing with all the joy you have been seeking.


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