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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A clear stream of thought can easily be muddied by allowing our emotions and anxious thinking to get the better of us. At times life can feel more demanding than we are equipped to handle but in truth this is never the case. The trick is to learn how to move through our chaotic emotions and thoughts, making sure to witness them and resist rejecting them as we make our way to solid ground and clear thinking.

We do this by acknowledging that not everything in life is meant to be in our control. Situations will arise without a doubt where we have no alternative but to let go and flow through. Ask yourself in the moment “is there anything I can do right now that will help shift this? Is there anything in the immediate future I can do that will help shift this?” If the answer is no then it is your job to release the need to play the scenario over and over again in your mind. The only choice here is to surrender until an alternative presents itself. When an opportunity presents itself then is it time to bring the situation to the forefront of your mind.

It is important to witness all of your thoughts and emotions without being swept away by them. Fear is there for you to observe and learn to understand its root, not for you to dive into it. Anxiety is there to show you where you need to release control not to overwhelm you. There is a huge difference that must be understood between letting go and dismissing.

Letting go is essential because as humans we have a tendency to cling on to what feels safe and routine. This even extends to emotions like fear and anxiety, when these feelings become a constant in our life we can feel unstable without them. Letting go however is what opens you up to receive and expand. Dismissal

means trying to get rid of your feelings as if they were nonexistent. When we do this they have a sure fire of creeping up in unexpected moments so we do not ever want to dismiss ourselves. We must always take the time to witness, witness to understand, witness to transmute and most importantly witness to heal.

Witnessing allows you to find the root. Finding the root allows you to either free the weed or offer nutrients to the soil. The choice is yours.

Observe the mud rather than becoming the mud

and the waters of your mind will remain clear.


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