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Much like the Alice we know who took a journey into Wonderland this Alice appears with the message that we too are ready to leave behind the world we know and venture into spaces that are much bigger, bolder and suited to compliment the expansion and development of our soul. As we deepen our connection to ourselves and find ourselves growing more luminous in our light it is only natural that some of the environments, relationships and patterns we are accustomed to begin to feel less fitting. This is because we we expand so does our world around us, but not every individual or environment is ready for this type of growth and may prefer to see you stay small.

For a soul with a divine purpose staying small is simply not an option, so do not stay in these spaces. Trust with certainty that if you allow yourself the room to bloom Spirit will mirror these intentions and most certainty provide you with companions and happiness environments that honor this too.

Alice invites us to follow the things that’s that electrify us into strange and brave new territories. We are meant to break barriers to explore the wild unknown. Simply we cannot do this if we do not create the room for us to do so. If the world around you suddenly seems inexplicably uncomfortable this is the time to slow down and observe with discernment where Spirit may be trying to direct your attention. Discomfort always occurs when there are changes that are ready to occur in our world that we would not take the necessary steps to alter if we were comfortable. So, embrace discomfort as an indicator that you are ready to evolve into a new territory where you may truly spread your wings.

In these moments trust is one of the most import factors. If you do not have complete trust in yourself and the divine you may find yourself fearful and holding on tightly to the things you’ve outgrown out of attachment. Everything that you let go of with grace will be returned to you magnified with resonance and divinity. Today, choose you. Today, choose to be enfolded in your story.


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