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Sometimes the voice of the Universe comes to us in whispers full of light & truth that lift our Spirit instantaneously. There are other times where the voice of the universe must come to us in an Earth shaking roar that upends our known reality. When the Ally card appears before us we are urged to acknowledge that when we place our soul in precarious positions the universe will send divine help our way but not always in the form that we expect. Sometimes divine intervention comes in the form of change so sudden that we may suddenly be asked to let go entirely of all that we hold as true or constant for the sake of evolution. Sometimes the graceful intervention forces us to let go of relationships and patterns we once held dear for the sake of growth and the attraction of souls & environments that are more resonate to our journey. When the dust settles we can trust that all will be as the divine intends & is in the highest alignment with our spirit. Above all what is required is surrender of the ego which likes us to believe we have a broader scope of a given situation than the divine. By surrendering the ego we invite in the wisdom and leadership of our highest self.

Ally invites us to embrace the shadows and immerse ourself in the work required to transmute energy in our auric field that does more harm than good and to then ascend to spaces of greater peace. Shadow work is not easy as it requires us to look in the darkest corners of our soul to find the light that was born there. It requires us to learn to see ourselves through the lenses of unconditional love. It requires us to hone in on the balance between the acceptance of darkness and its transcendence. Overall shadow work gives us the gift of self and allows us to witness even the most traumatic moments in our life as an ally on our path to graceful revolution.

Embrace the unknown, the uncertainty and the darkness. Learn to use these forces as your greatest assets rather than the containers for your fears.


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