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Tonight’s moon is a waxing gibbous in the sign of Aries. The key energy of tonight’s moon is individuality and standing in the recognition that nobody on this Earth could complete the destiny you are meant to fulfill. So, this is the evening to celebrate yourself in your wildness, your eccentricities and the natural radiance that simply comes from being yourself. The energy of this moon is a beautiful reminder that there is absolutely no room for competition because in truth none of us are in the same league as one another. We’re all in leagues of our own. Which means only we and the divine hold the score cards.

This does not mean to shun away the idea of community, it means that the stronger you are as an individual and the more aware you are of your individual gifts the more you have to offer to the community in which your heart belongs.

The Mansion that tonight’s moon resides in is known as “The Volcano” vastly different from yesterdays “The Sleeper” energy. While yesterday was a time for rest and reconsideration of where we place our energy, today is an opportune time to step into action and spontaneity. Let yourself be led by your creative ideas, let yourself be led by your desires. Within Aries energy lies the essence of a natural born leader, someone who acts without hesitation. So, today do not for a moment allow a critical mind to poison the waters of abundant surging energy. Dive in to all that is calling for you and do so from a place of fierce independence of spirit. Release all worries about how you will be seen and perceived today. Settle into the notion that you are at your very best when you are free and following your heart.

The White (moon), Fire Goddess Artemis presides over the Moon in Aries. Artemis is the twin sister of the Sun God Apollo. Like many other feminine moon deities Artemis is dual in nature. Depending on the lenses which you are viewing her from she might be seen as cruel and ruthless or sweet and dripping in tenderness. Artemis is a virgin goddess though this is not necessarily in reference to her sexuality. The original definition of the word virgin was just to be unmarried. Artemis is most known for being the goddess of the hunt and frequently depicted with her pack of hunting hounds. She is also famously pictured with her hunting bow with which she held immeasurable skill. In one myth she unwittingly kills her desired lover Orion with her near perfect aim thanks to the jealousy and trickery of her twin Apollo. Artemis was the embodiment of fierce independence, it was as dangerous to look upon her without invitation as it was the gorgon Medusa. Though she would not turn you to stone, her gaze would certainly be the last thing you looked upon. One of the more pleasurable aspects of Artemis’ divinity was the great joy she found in dancing and contests. Many would dance wildly and freely in her honor while she danced in wild rebellion upon her lush mountainside.


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