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Just after the New Moon, tonight our Lunar Goddess begins her fresh portrait of the Lunar Cycle taking the form of a Waxing Crescent in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the reigning sign of fantasy, imagination, creativity and the occult realms. With this energy leading us off in a fresh lunar cycle we are quite fortuitous. Today, envision your wildest dreams wanted to be a part of your reality. Imagine for a moment that your creativity is exactly what the world has been waiting for. Allow yourself to dive deep into the notion that the universe is benevolent and wishes for your dreams to be reality, but not as much as it first wishes you to recognize the power in your own divinity. With your mental realms overflowing with these abundant possibilities next ask yourself “what can I do this cycle to get myself within reach of all that I desire?” Follow this question with a question posed straight to the Divine, “what simple step today can I take to be led to the next and the next?” With a faithful heart wait for a response tailored specifically to you. Trust that the divine knows best how to reach you. Just stay open.

Tonight’s Mansion is “Guru” which is ruled by Neptune and the Moon. Quite literally we could not have found ourself in a moment more ripe for manifestation. The Moon invites us to delve into our feminine realms while Neptune urges us to create with them, and create wildly at that. Today pick up the brush and begin your masterpiece.


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