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Tonight our Lunar Goddess takes the form of a Waning Crescent in Capricorn, in a mansion known as “Confession” which is ruled by Venus and Mercury.

With Sensuous Libra’s energy coming together with communicative Mercury the focus today is to find power through the expression of the softest parts of us. So much healing, growth and transformation can occur simply by providing a voice to our emotional realms. We all want to be heard and that includes our internal self, the eternal youth. The invitation today is to recognize and honor the validity of all that you have experienced by sharing your voice. Whether you choose to express yourself candidly in a journal or directly to someone who you trust with the most vulnerable parts of you, today you can find immense power and release in unleashing your secrets. Think of it as emptying your cup of experience, which may be overflowing, so that you can fill your cup with the nectar of new experiences. You’ll very likely walk away from your moment(s) of expression feeling much lighter and open than you did walking into them.


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